Ricky & Pinky

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Ricky & Pinky is the vibrant restaurant at the heart of the Builders Arms Hotel.

The open kitchen serves Hong Kong-style Chinese food which honours the traditional and flirts with the obscure, just the way we like it. Diners can find regional classics such as Sichuan pork dumplings, honey glazed duck and shredded cumin lamb alongside some more unexpected treasures. Complete your meal with a sweet treat in the form of an X.L. fortune cookie.

The inviting and colourful space was designed by Sibling architects. Your favourite aspects of Chinese restaurants can be seen everywhere. Our fish tank has an ever changing array of market fish, crustaceans and molluscs means that freshness has a new benchmark. Lazy Susans make sharing family banquet-style sharing both fun and practical.

McConnell’s Hong Kong influence is evident in the elegant and accessible Asian cuisine. The Ricky & Pinky menu forgoes formalities and structure, and includes shared snacks, smaller plates and larger dishes. All appetites are welcome!