Gain legendary status this Grand Final

To gain total legend status at your Grand Final Day BBQ, buy a raffle ticket any time from midday up until 7:00pm for your chance to take home an almighty Meatsmith meat tray. More than chump chops and chicken wings, this pimped-out protein party will feature a selection of Meatsmith’s signature artisan products to fuel the big day.

$2 tickets
Raffle drawn at 7:30pm on Friday 29/09

Also on Grand Final Eve AND Grand Final Day; The A-team of hot dogs will be brought off the bench alongside the pie-warmed pastry treats to provide the sustenance one requires for a session of cheering and beering on.

Classic Dog: Meatsmith frank, caramelised onion & tomato sauce
Chilli Dog: Merguez sausage, chilli sauce, damn spicy pickle, mince & cheese
German Dog: Veal & porcini sausage, sauerkraut, onion & mustard


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