Handmade 4 wrap!

Handmade 4 is all wrapped up for another year and we’d like to shout out a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this our biggest yet by far.

The pub was teeming with wine lovers and over 60 producers, importers and chefs. Something interesting was happening in every square centimetre, from the courtyard where chef Josh Murphy and Meatsmith butcher Troy Wheeler splayed an entire suckling pig on the rotisserie over hot coals to the out-of-this-world cheese room run by our friends at Maker and Monger. And the Mariachi band – yes!

To the legendary wine producers who kept the punters enthralled, we thank you. To Mitch Orr, Thi Le, Archan Chan, Josh Murphy and Troy Wheeler for keeping everyone fit and fed, the party would not have been the same without you. And especially to everyone who attended. Your enthusiasm was outstanding. Thanks for making it such a fun day. We loved every minute of it.

Pictures tell the full, epic story.  Check out this photo album of the day!

Until next year y’all!

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