SAUSAGE FEST – Monday 22 to Sunday 28 October
Wednesday, 10th October, 2018
Builders Arms Hotel – Sausage Festival 2018

Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th October

The Builders Arms Hotel annual Sausage Festival sees a week dedicated to the noble banger – where we take a trip around the world, one sausage at a time. This year there’s Danish smoked franks, Italian cotechino and of course, Choucroute Garnie, a French pork party that’s not for the faint of heart.

In The Man Who Ate Everything, Jeffrey Steingarten describes Choucroute Garnie as cabbage “simmered with wine and spices and everything an Alsatian pig can contribute to man’s well-being – its sturdy knuckles and shanks, its dainty feet and meaty jowls, its mirthful belly and brawny shoulders.”

All dishes are available for lunch and dinner every day during our Sausage Festival.


The Sausage Spread
Available every day of the festival

Choucroute Garnie
The mother of all sausage dishes – three types of sausages with three types of pork, potatoes, served on sauerkraut with mustard 
Danish Hot Dog
Smoked frankfurt, Builders Arms Hotel sweet mustard, crispy onions & pickles  
Blood Sausage
House-made, served on toast with smoked tomato & parsley salad
Cotechino Sausage
Poached & grilled, with braised lentils salsa verde & mustard fruits
The People’s Sausage
(from Wednesday 24th)
The winning wiener served with potato mash & gravy 



This year we invite you – the good people of Melbourne – to create your dream sausage. The People’s Sausage. Drop your idea into our “sausage box” in the Public Bar, or comment with your flavour idea on our instagram People’s Sausage posts to make your snag dreams a reality. Peking duck and shiitake? Pork and pickle? The only limit is your imagination. The winning wiener will be announced on Friday 19th October, and will be on the menu from Wednesday 24th October.

Your prize is:
/ Bragging rights /
/ Sausage dinner for 2 in the Bistro /
/ A Meatsmith sausage tray /
/ Your flavour for sale at Meatsmith for a week /


Book your table in the Bistro online here, phone 9417 7700 or email

See you at the pub.

TRIVIA is here!
Thursday, 27th September, 2018

Builders Arms Hotel Trivia is Here!

7:30pm – second Wednesday of each month
with Cam Smith from Triple R’s ‘Eat It’ food show

Trivia brings people together. It’s the mid-week mood boost that we all need – a few friends, some drinks and dinner, and a wholesome, collaborative activity that everyone can put their minds to.

Builders Arms Hotel Trivia is a little bit different. Hosted by Cam Smith, food guru and host of Triple R’s food show Eat It, with a focus on local music, culture, food, booze and much more. Even sensory rounds – you could be sniffing spices and channeling your inner-Ottolenghi.

Teams of any size and seriousness are welcome – suited to hardened trivia masters as well as more leisurely groups. Hosted in the pub’s Bistro with table service for drinks and dinner, there’s no rush to the bar to get your fish pie or burger order in between rounds. Sit back and relax, and focus all of your energy on the questions at hand. This is the pub trivia you’ve been waiting your whole life for.

There’s also spot prizes for bonus individual questions – so it’s every man/woman for his/herself for a moment of individual glory.

2018 Trivia dates:

Wednesday 14th November
Wednesday 12th December

Wednesday 9th January

To book your team table, email
or phone 9417 7700.

Charcoal Chicken Tuesdays; $19 every week from 5:30pm
Tuesday, 13th February, 2018

Let’s be honest – there’s not a lot to get excited about on a Tuesday. Last weekend is a fading memory and it’s a long time until the next one. But don’t despair!  Come on down for Charcoal Chicken Tuesday!

Brightening your Tuesday evenings every week.

Just $19 will get you half a free-range bird chargrilled on our rôtisserie, served with polenta and chimi de rapa. Additional sides are also available for $6, so bring your friends and share them all. We’ll be pouring wines each week that will be exactly what you’ll want to drink.

Bookings for groups of 6+ are welcome, to book a table call us on 9417 7700.

Steak Night Monday; $19 every week from 5.30pm
Thursday, 1st February, 2018

Helping you start the week right, EVERY Monday is our weekly Steak Night.

Not only can you devour a 250g Meatsmith porterhouse, chips & salad; the wine team also come to the party with totally smashable new wines each week to enjoy alongside your steak.

Available from 5.30pm in the Builders Arms Public Bar every Monday.

Bookings for groups of 6+ are welcome, to book a table call us on 9417 7700.

To view our full Public Bar menu, click here.

Events at Builders Arms Hotel
Friday, 6th October, 2017

We’ve got you covered for all your event and party needs with our two private event spaces, the Bowery Room and our Private Dining Room.

We have a great collection of menus to choose from which reflect the produce driven Builders Arms ethos. Our menus are designed to be enjoyed together and are served as a shared banquet.

Our event spaces are located upstairs of the Builders Arms Hotel with great outlooks over the treetops of Gertrude Street and the Courtyard of Builders Arms. The Bowery Room hosts 60 guests seated or 90 for a cocktail party. It is a bright and contemporary space that boasts an open kitchen, feature lighting and an entry bar wrapped in stunning vintage tiles. For more intimate events, the Private Dining Room seats up to 18 guests and features an eclectic art and vinyl collection and record player. Both rooms are original spaces of the historic hotel, and have been renovated and restored, retaining the charming character of an 1850s local pub.

To find out more about events at Builders Arms Hotel or to chat about your private event dreams, call our team on 9417 7700 or you can send through an enquiry here.

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